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Analogue & Digital Recording Studio and Rehearsal Space in Hackney, London

February Makes a Bridge


February Makes A Bridge

This Saturday Upset The Rhythm and Night School Records are getting together to bring you ‘February Makes A Bridge’, it’s an all dayer at The Yard Theatre in Hackney Wick that showcases bands from both labels. It’s a pretty heady mix and features a good number of bands that have recorded at Sound Savers, tickets are available here:




There is quite a lot of news over here but this will do for a start, Sharm El Shakes have released 3 new tracks over their soundcloud in conjunction with Pnkslm and Sexbeat.

The whole Sound Savers set can be found here:

Flamingods Album


Flamingods album is set to be released on the 21st January on Art Is Hard. Recorded at Sound Savers, the album is one euphoric exotic jam to the next and we’re really pleased to see it come out on such a great label.

Here’s Quesso to give you a taster:



We have a third podcast, but a new format this time. From now on, each month we will invite a band that we like to come and do some recording and a short interview with us.

This is the first of the series and what better way to start it than with The Rebel. The Rebel, as you may or may not know is Ben Wallers. Ben started off making made up albums on his four track, in a bid to make the music more structured he formed the country teasers who went on to record albums for Crypt Records and In The Red.

For this session they have recorded a new version of ‘Touching the Void’, and brought a brand new track for life, which features a bass line by Georgie from plug.
Happy listening.

Left Leg

A couple of months ago we had the pleasure of recording Left Leg, we have uploaded a track up on our sound cloud as a taster of the results:

The whole session will soon be released as a tape on Capital A records:

They are playing a gig with Cover Girl this Sunday in support of Pussy Riot, the imprisoned Russian punk band. This gig will be for a good cause and it will be very very good. So head out to the Buffalo Bar, tickets are here:

See you soon!

GIANT burger

Giant Burger, a band built from the ashes of Baaneex have released their debut 7″, entitled ‘Trapped In Egypt’. It’s pretty great, so just get it ok, it’s here:

(and yes, we recorded it)

New Podcast


Fear Of Men

Sacred Paws

Giant Burger

Modern Lovers

Sauna Youth

Vision Fortune

King Geedorah

Weird Menace


Some Kind Of Weird Menace

Weird Menace came in for a few days to record with us. They recorded 5 songs and they’re all total hits.
It was a pleasure. They’re playing a few gigs and might put something out quite soon, click Katy to go to their soundcloud.



Art Is Hard have released Sic Defence’s Maize as a free download single today as part of their Pizza club series.

The one copy has sold out, but you can download the track from here for free:

Escape from the studio: William, Breathe Out, Playlounge and YRRS


Breathe Out have currently been working on new stuff in the studio, but tonight they’re playing a one off at Power Lunches with William, Yrrs and Playlounge. It’ll be an incredible night of adrenaline, guitar noise and sweat.